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Ford 999 3d modeling




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Ford 999 3d modeling.

3D modeling and visualizations are now my passion, which has turned into work. Like most people in this industry, I started with very simple 3D models.
However, to raise the level and skills, from time to time I set myself the task of making a model based only on photos.
As a H. Ford fan, I decided to make a model of his first sports car, the Ford 999.

I found most of the source photos on the website of the H. Ford museum. There were also some photos of physical models. So I already knew what the final model should look like. I started my work with the most difficult thing for me at that time, whether it was wheels and tires. For those unfamiliar with 3ds max, it may seem that the engine and its parts could be difficult to manufacture. However, such elements are made quickly and pleasantly.

Ford 999 3d modeling gray


Ford 999 3d modeling.

I finished the 3d modeling and visualization after 3 days.


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