Visualization of shoe cabinet

Visualization of shoe cabinet


Furniture Maker „MM MEBLE’


3ds Max

Render Engine

ChaosGroup Vray


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I received a 3d model and visualization of a shoe cabinet. The project included the implementation of the furniture body and the mechanism used to open the drawers.
I received the body in an average quality technical drawing. I created the mechanism on the basis of photos available on the Internet.

The kit included:

  • – wood
  • – metal

Visualization of shoe cabinet

Selected graphics

Visualization of shoe cabinet - zoom

Important for modeling and visualization

One of the criteria and requirements for this project was to show and zoom in on the opening mechanism of the cabinet. The usage was supposed to be logical and simple after looking at the graphics.


Visualization of shoe cabinet

It took me 1 days to complete the order. The client received 3d models of his furniture in 3 formats: max, obj, 3ds.
Furniture takes 4 different projections. Additionally, a simple arrangement of selected furniture from the set was made.